How do the Top 100 Accountancy firms use LinkedIn?

by Amanda August 17, 2011 Blog

LINKEDIN PARTICIPATION BY THE TOP 100 ACCOUNTANCY FIRMS IN THE UK At the end of last year, we carried out a review of the use of LinkedIn by the top 100 firms of accountants in the UK as listed by Accountancy Age.  The purpose of this research was for our own internal use but we […]

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Cutting through the LinkedIn update noise

by Amanda June 14, 2011 Blog

If you have been using LinkedIn for a while, you will have probably made a significant number of connections.  This means that your Update screen only covers posts from about the last 30 minutes or so.  This time span will vary depending on the number of connections you have and the frequency with which they […]

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LinkedIn Live with your Laptop

by Amanda May 19, 2011 Blog

Like all new toys, they get played with all the time from Christmas until New Year.  Then the novelty wears off and the dust gathers. Don’t let that happen with your LinkedIn marketing.  LinkedIn is more than just a place to post a profile, make a few connections and then sit back and wait for […]

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Home Sweet Home!

by Amanda May 3, 2011 Blog

A new change to LinkedIn Profiles.  It has long been a gripe with UK member that LinkedIn inaccurately reflected your location as it only took into account the first one or two letters of your postcode. At last you can more accurately show your location on your profile.  This is how you do it: From […]

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Connecting with new members

by Amanda April 25, 2011 Blog

In the past LinkedIn has always encouraged its members to link up with only people they know well and indeed this message does still appear. There is, however, one new feature which allows you to invite people who have just joined LinkedIn directly. By directly, I mean without the usual requirement of being a member […]

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The Easy Way to Join LinkedIn Groups

by Amanda April 10, 2011 Blog

Groups are a great way to read and join in interesting discussions on a particular subject.  There are over 100,000 groups on LinkedIn and you usually search for them using the Groups tab on the Main navigation bar.  But there are 2 other ways to find potentially interesting groups. The first is from your Home […]

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How to use Twitter on LinkedIn

by Amanda March 28, 2011 Blog

Here is a set of instructions on how to add and set Twitter for use in conjunction with LinkedIn.  The reason for doing this is that it will save you time if you only post an update once and let your links do the rest. Set Up From the LinkedIn Home page, click on Profile […]

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LinkedIn News

by Amanda March 23, 2011 Blog

Start each day with the most important news – right on your LinkedIn homepage. LinkedIn News provides you with the most important articles about your company, competitors, and industry. * Discuss interesting news privately with colleagues from your company * Submit new articles that you find online and share news with the rest of your […]

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LinkedIn for Beginners

by Amanda February 26, 2011 Blog

Although there are many small business owners who are members of LinkedIn, they are many who are curious to know how the platform can help their business.  With this in mn LinkedIn in conjunction with Fedex have produced a short series of light-hearted videos which show the ways LinkedIn can help.  At Alterra Business Consulting […]

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LinkedIn Facts and Figures – the local and international membership

by Amanda February 22, 2011 Blog

A New Member joins every second! I live in between St Albans and Welwyn and within 10 miles of the AL1 postcode there are over 78,000 members on LinkedIn.  My network of over 700 connections gives access to over 185,000 people.  Consider the impact on your networking time and budget if you use LinkedIn efficiently. […]

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