Cutting through the LinkedIn update noise

by Amanda on June 14, 2011

If you have been using LinkedIn for a while, you will have probably made a significant number of connections.  This means that your Update screen only covers posts from about the last 30 minutes or so.  This time span will vary depending on the number of connections you have and the frequency with which they post updates. Not many of us have time to scroll back through pages and pages of updates every time we log on to LinkedIn but there is a way to filter out the noise.

Checking my update screen I see the last 46 minutes of posts.  Many of these are from people around the world whom I don’t know but have connected with.  Let us assume that we wish to communicate with active members of my network in the vicinity of St Albans.

We can do this using LinkedIn Signal.  This is found underneath the More tab on the main Navigation Bar.

The easiest way for you to see how this feature works is to check out our YouTube video which shows you full instructions:LinkedIn Signal – Cutting through the noise

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