How to use Twitter on LinkedIn

by Amanda on March 28, 2011

Here is a set of instructions on how to add and set Twitter for use in conjunction with LinkedIn.  The reason for doing this is that it will save you time if you only post an update once and let your links do the rest.

Set Up

  1. From the LinkedIn Home page, click on Profile and select Edit profile from drop down menu

    Twitter Set Up

    The LinkedIn Twitter Set Up Screen

  2. In the blue box under Website you will see Twitter edit
  3. Click and the pop-up shown here on the right hand side will appear
  4. You can add, edit or remove a Twitter profile here and also select who can see your updates and tweets.
  5. It is important to think about the messages you want your LinkedIn and Twitter followers to see.
  6. If you have more than one Twitter profile then LinkedIn can be set to send updates from a specific Twitter account.
  7. When you post an update in LinkedIn you can choose at the time whether that particular update is to be shown in Twitter by checking or unchecking the Twitter box.
  8. In the check box “share only tweets that contain #in” you effectively disassociate Twitter from LinkedIn apart from when  you actively choose to include #in or #li in your tweet.
  9. Tick the check box for the rich display
  10. Click Save Changes

Each time you post a LinkedIn update or tweet consider the question, “Which of my connections will be interested in this post?”  Some people use Twitter for personal updates which would be completely inappropriate for LinkedIn whilst other have 2 Twitter accounts one for personal and the other for business.  Their settings on LinkedIn reflect the purpose of their different Twitter accounts.

In the end, if you make a mistake, updates are only a fraction of the use of these platforms, and although they are on the web forever, they pass through in a flash.

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