LinkedIn Live with your Laptop

by Amanda on May 19, 2011


LinkedIn on the Go!

Like all new toys, they get played with all the time from Christmas until New Year.  Then the novelty wears off and the dust gathers.

Don’t let that happen with your LinkedIn marketing.  LinkedIn is more than just a place to post a profile, make a few connections and then sit back and wait for business to come in.

With our LinkedIn Timetable you can start to build a strategy which will allow you to use LinkedIn to benefit your business in just 10 minutes a day.   What’s more is the ability to intelligently link your LinkedIn activity to Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

How long do you spend in face-to-face networking in a month.  On average business owners spend between 3 and 15 hours a month.  The cost of that in time as well as subscriptions and meals has to a factor in your marketing.

Join us at a LinkedIn Live with your Laptop session soon ………………

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