Right post to the right place – to link or not to link, that is the question.

by Amanda on May 30, 2011

If you are a small business where marketing, let alone social media marketing, is your responsibility when there are numerous other things to be doing that are revenue generating, the idea of posting to a blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc is a daunting one.  How do you keep up-to-date and make your social media streamlined yet effective?

A lot of clients ask me “What shall I write about?” or “No-one will be interested in what I am doing”.  There is always plenty to write about.  You may not think your opinions on your field of expertise are interesting to other people but you are in business to make it interesting for your audience. There are so many blogs on the internet which are pieces of vanity writing but the key to enticing people to come back to your website or blog or to follow you on Twitter and Facebook, is to think about your clients or customers and your suppliers.  Why do you do business with these people?  What value do you offer that keeps your customers coming back to you?

Here is one suggestion of how you might structure a month’s communications.

1. Write an article about one aspect of your speciality.

If you are an event manager it might be about the range of entertainers which you have used at different events.  It should include photos, links to website, links to your LinkedIn profile, Youtube and your website and other blog posts.

2. From the Article develop 4 blog posts

Our event manager might do one on Magicians for Children’s Parties, Entertainers with Animals, The Best Tribute Bans and The Top 10 Entertainers for Corporate Events.  She has all the information from the Article so putting the blog posts together takes a limited amount of time

3. From each Blog extract 5 LinkedIn Updates (20 in total)

At this stage you are going to have to think very carefully about your audience.  This determines whether you link your LinkedIn updates to Twitter and then onward to Facebook.  I prefer to select the linking each time I post an update to LinkedIn by checking of unchecking the Link to Twitter box.

4. From each LinkedIn Update extract 3 Tweets (60 tweets in total)

Once again, think about your followers – are they interested in the same topics as your LinkedIn connections?  If so then link your twitter account permanently to LinkedIn.  If not you just need to add #in to your tweet to do it selectively.

Using this example from one article which can be added to your website, you have posted 205 updates to the internet!  I have used quite conservative number here – there is no doubt that this could easily reach 1,000 from just one well researched article.

Get the article right in the first place and the rest will follow.  Use automation to post what you want from each platform when you want it.

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