The Easy Way to Join LinkedIn Groups

by Amanda on April 10, 2011

Groups are a great way to read and join in interesting discussions on a particular subject.  There are over 100,000 groups on LinkedIn and you usually search for them using the Groups tab on the Main navigation bar.  But there are 2 other ways to find potentially interesting groups.

The first is from your Home page.  On the right hand side, LinkedIn makes suggestions on the Groups you may be interested in based on your profile and your activity on the platform.

Next to the Group’s logo is the title of the Group and a lock symbol.  This shows whether the Manager has to approve your membership of a the Group.  Underneath the title of the group there is a Join button – click this to join.

Groups you may Like

Groups you may Like

The second is from the Profile page of one of your connections.  Scroll down to the list of groups your connection is a member of and you will see the following:

Connection's groups

A Connection's Groups

You will see on the above image that I already share 2 groups with this connection as it is telling me ‘Already a Member’.  Underneath groups I am not a member of, there is a blue circle with a plus sign and the word Join.  Click on this if you wish to be a member of the Group.  Remember you can only join 50 groups and the are usually managed by a member who approves new joiners.

We will be taking a closer look at Groups in the coming months.  Here is a short video to get you started.

LinkedIn Groups – An Introduction

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