What We Do

We offer two levels of Training Courses


Train to become a Powerful Presence on LinkedIn

  • Developing an impressive Personal profile
  • Adding a detailed Company profile
  • Finding useful contacts
  • Building an interactive network
  • The importance of joining effective groups
  • Searching for potential clients & suppliers
  • Increasing visibility
  • Basic security and etiquette


Develop a LinkedIn Strategy which compliments your Marketing and Social Media Plans

  • Setting objectives
  • Establishing a LinkedIn team
  • Researching your target audience
  • Setting up your own group
  • Creating a Poll for information gathering
  • Connecting with the relevant people
  • Measuring the success of your campaign
  • Use of a wide-range of Applications

LinkedIn Strategy

The reasons for using LinkedIn vary from company to company. We like to tailor our consultancy to your overall marketing plan and ensure this is done in confidence. Our strength is in adapting to your needs. We understand that social media is a new trend in marketing and that its adoption will vary in breadth and depth from company to company. We believe that the judicious use of LinkedIn by a business to business professional services company will yield a return on investment over time.

Once set up the platform is free, apart from the time involved. We ensure you can get up and running in a fraction of the time it would take if you started from scratch. We can also save you money by showing the methods of promoting your services online using Applications.
Sharing your understanding of social media with your clients enables them to adopt more cost effective marketing strategies themselves.

For companies who are familiar with the benefits of social media, this stage should be completed before the Training session. For those who require education it is recommended that the LinkedIn strategy sessions should be carried out following the training sessions in order that everyone is familiar with how or Linkedin works.